Our ULTRA-FLO replacement disc sector with its polyurethane replacement grid is built to resist any hostile environment. Furthermore, the grid have larger openings that ease the flow of filtrate, keep the grid cleaner, and facilitate the release of the filtered product.


Our extremely light disc sector reduces the stress on the main shaft which means less breakage and easier handling of replacement parts by maintenance personnel.


With our ULTRA-FLO design, we can easily replace the polyurethane grid that is usually the first part to deteriorate due to abrasion. Therefore, ↑the structural support can last longer which will greatly reduce production costs.


The production of replacement disc filter parts is an important aspect of our business.


We are recognized for the quality of our work and the dependability of our products.


We are known for our ability to design disk filter parts and pressure leaf filters and adapt them to the very specific needs of our clients. Without any links to a disk filter manufacturer, we can work on any kind of filter in order to meet the specific needs of the production people.

Replacement pressure leaf filter used in Mining, Chemical and Food processing equipment