A Malo


From 1929 to today...


In 1929, Mr Arcadius Malo founded A. Malo ltée in his own home. He later got help from his sons, Claude and Jean. In 1961, Arcadius Malo died and his sons inherited the company. The new role of each man was clear: the first would manage the company, and the other one would loof after the field operations.

In 1992, the company was left to Gilles Malo, the son of Jean Malo, the current president. 

Since then, many expansion projects have taken place, allowing for larger-scale projects. These include "La Tour" (the Tower), built specifically to obtain a contract in the pulp and paper industry. Moreover, in response to the market requirements, and to diversify its services, the company modernized itself and acquired high-tech machinery. Today, A. Malo has more than 50 employees in a range of activity sectors.